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Ipe or Bamboo for Front Porch?

14 years ago

My DH and I are trying to decide which to use for our new build. Our porch is 10' deep and 54' long and wraps around one side of the house for another 15'. The front of the porch faces south and the side faces east. It is protected on the west side by the garage. We would like the porch material to be as maintenance free as possible. We would also like for it to retain a dark finish with grain that shows through that will not need restaining everytime you turn around.

I read Ipe should last around 100 years and is pretty much maintenance free, but then I read that it had to be stained frequently as it turns gray and may have cupping issues. The bamboo people do not indicate whether the bamboo needs staining and how long you can go before having to do it again. No mention of cupping.

Does anyone have any experience with Ipe and/or Bamboo that can set the story straight for us?


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