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OT: HELP! I can't plan the kit bcs of sewer gas in bsmt bath!!

15 years ago

I posted this on the plumbing forum, but I know you guys are TKO and check this forum all the time, so I am hoping a plumbing guru is watching....

I haven't been able to spend any time recently with my own kitchen planning because of this- I really hope that someone can help.

I am at wits end with the problems left to me by the contractor that "renovated" my basement.

This is only the latest and greatest of problems. Today I took a bath (separate bath and shower), and when I opened up the drain, in addition to the gurgling sounds in the adjacent shower and sink, a very strong sewer gas odor came up from the sink.

I am almost certain that the problem is with the venting. We have always had a problem with the gurgling-from day 1. We have had a few sewer gas smells previously, but not nearly as strong or persistant. Unfortunately, the piping is all in the concrete floor, so it can't be checked unless the whole floor is jacked up.

I believe that this contractor knowingly did work illegally (he is a liscenced electrician, yet wired my panel illegally- completley overloaded, GFCI's not correct, etc.) Additionally, the bathtub was never set correctly (it is not level at all), and the shower had a multitude of problems- including the drain, regular paper drywall tape under the tile, virtually no slope on the shower pan, the list goes on.

At the time, we were ignorant homeowners, and did not realize that both an electrical and a plumbing permit was required. He presented us with the choice, saying that if we wanted a permit, it would take alot longer. He knew I would say no because I was very pregnant at the time and had to get the work done (our original contractor was in a car accident, and couldn;t do the work-I was panicked).

My questions are: Is there any way to determine what the pipe configuration is under the floor without demoing the whole thing? The floor is concrete with porcelain tile, and the shower and tub are both stone and glass tiles.

What legal (if any) rights do I have with this? the work was completed not quite 3 years ago. We signed a contract-but it was not very detailed. Are we the homeowner responsible for the permit?

I really don't know what to do. This bathroom cost close to $20,000 including materials.

For what it is worth, we are in Baltimore County, Maryland.

Thanks to anyone who can help.

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