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Shaker vs. Slab Door Style

13 years ago

We are trying to decide on a door style. One thing we know is we want simple.

Background: We are looking at Shaker, or Shaker with a slight beveled bead inside the frame (forgot the terminology for it), or a slab door. We don't want nooks and crannies, as we are aware we are a dusty/dirt-prone house (teenagers, dogs), but we feel Shaker is fine. We like the slab door style equally. The house was built late '50's-early 60's; the decor is plain and comfortable, neither traditional nor contemporary.

At several cabinet stores, we were steered away from slab doors. Not because, as we'd have thought, cause it's too modern, but because we were told "it's not popular". I have to add that we plan to sell in about 4 years, so we want the kitchen to be attractive to potential buyers. Also, the price points were close enough, so price wasn't a deciding factor between the styles. One cabinet store said that only 15% of their sales were the slab style. I would have thought it would be more popular.

Anyway, we initially were attracted to the slab style cause of its clean look, and no nooks and crannies. Can anyone think of any other pros and cons that would help us decide between these styles? Thanks!

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