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Can a vinyl pool become a gunite pool?

14 years ago

I have been wondering if it's possible/feesible to convert an inground vinyl liner pool to gunite? We currently live in an 89 year old home with a 37 year old vinyl liner pool, and really aren't looking into remodeling it, but, we are moving, and the house we like also has an inground vinyl pool, only this one happens to be around 25 years old. Gravitating toward old pools...seems to be a pattern! We've learned a lot from our vintage pool, things like, if it isn't updated, run away...screaming, etc. We've run into a lot of structural issues with our pool, namely the parts are so dated, the only way to service the pool sometimes is through remodel. This pool has, for instance, steel coping, at the water line. Yes, can we say rust? Very strange. Long story short, we had planned to remodel this one, but due to a job transfer out of town, the potential for remodel may present itself yet again. This "new" old pool is nowhere near as "vintage" as ours. Someone has replaced all of the coping with new bullnose coping (but it's white, not sure of material, but looks plastic?), new stamped concrete deck, so really, it's actually perfectly fine. I don't have a thing against vinyl, but the last time I picked out a liner pattern, I realized that I just don't like liner patterns. I've seen solid color liners, but they are either blue, black, white, or tye dye, i.e. blue and black swirls, and I'm not interested in those either. There has to be more choices somewhere. I really enjoy the look and feel of the gunite pools I see on this site. I'm not really sure if vinyl can even be done that way, w/out all of the white jets and white skimmer frames, wallpaper like borders, and the aluminum handrails. I've looked and looked online, but can't find anything. Everything is as above (tye dye, etc), or with borders. So, it's either convert to gunite, or figure out a way I can make my vinyl pool more appealing to my eye. Has anyone ever done this or have any suggestions?

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