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Contrasting Antique Pine Floors and New Stairs

13 years ago

We have a home that has original antique pine floors from the late 1800s/early 1900s. They are beautiful and we are having them refinished and some areas patched with reclaimed heart pine. They will be left unstained with polyurithane and I think they will look great. They come out a medium/redish hue.

The prior owners replaced the stairs and all wood on the second floor with new 1/2 inch oak. The stairs directly meet the floors in the living room. The prior owners put some kind of white wash on the pine floors in the living room to lighten them that we don't plan to continue and the natural oak does not work so well.

We are having the oak floors stained but know we can't get them to really match and I don't want them to look like a cheap attempt to blend the floors. Instead I'd like to have color that contrasts well. Our over all look for the house is a mix of modern/rustic antique.

For the stain we're currently using a dark walnut with some classic black mixed in. The result is dark contrast in the grain of the oak wood. But I'm not sure how it will look against the pine... The other option we were thinking is staining the stairs/second floor halway ebony.

I wish I had pictures but we're currently out of the house while its being worked on.

Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks so much in advance!

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