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New Ipe Porch with Woodrich wiping stain - how bad is this?

9 years ago

we had our wrap around covered porch reconstructed with Ipe flooring. after debating about finishing products, we opted for the Woodrich wiping stain. the contractor came yesterday with guys and they sanded and then applied the stain.

as of yesterday evening it looked shiny in some spots, dry in others. but i wasn't too concerned since it was still only a few hours post application.

however, it still looked this way this morning. i went and touched a shiny spot and came up with a hand full of stain.

so i'm now freaking out.

it feels tacky all over. blatantly wet in other places.

the weather has been picture perfect since Wed - not too hot. not cold. dry and sunny.

is this fixable? if so, how?

the contractor is here now and says it will be fine if they just rub it all down. and he said, "once the sun hits it, we'll be fine." but the sun never hits all of it - it's a covered porch and we never get full exposure.

would greatly appreciate any feedback

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