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Basement leak due to new agg patio

16 years ago

I could really use some help as my contractor won't. I had a very large aggregate patio poured 6 mos. ago. During a very hard rain I found water in my basement on the side of the house w/the patio. It was not coming through the concrete block but over the top of it, wetting the joists(?). The corresponding area of the patio has approx. a 1" gap approx 8" long in the concrete abutting my brick fascia. All other areas are straight and tight up against the brick. In the problem area even the expansion matl is pulled away from the wall. The contractor said not his problem, just get a professional caulker. Will caulk do the trick here, or do I need more done? I don't want to end up with a bigger problem down the road if this is just a temporary fix. It does appear there is a slight slope of the patio away from the house.

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