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Product/process suggestions for sealing new Ipe porch

9 years ago

Our porch is about halfway through construction and our contractor has asked us what we want to use for sealant purposes. I've told him that we want to determine product and process, rather than letting him just use something he buys from the hardware store.

Assuming location and details of porch might be helpful in determining our best options:

We're located in North New Jersey
We're reconstructing our wrap-around porch using Ipe flooring. Porch is covered, but gets direct sunlight on one side in the late afternoon.

My husband really wants a rich wood finish - he's interested in doing what is needed to start off on the right foot, and take necessary maintenance steps to keep the grey at bay.

I've read a few suggestions for Tung oil, but I'm hoping for some consolidated exacting suggestions - what brand, what line/color/skew, and what's the process you reco for application? Especially given we're in the dead of summer right now in the Northeast...not sure if that matters, but thinking it might.

AND...last question for now...we're also repainting our house during this project. I had suggested that maybe we should paint before we finish the porch. But the contractor doesn't want to do that b/c he wants to sand for even finish purposes, before putting up the railings. and once it's sanded, he says he doesn't want to leave it unfinished for very long. thoughts on what to do? follow his suggestions and seal deck before commencing with exterior painting project? or wait b/c the house painting (and sanding off the old paint) will be messy and possibly grind grit and dust into my freshly finished porch.

thanks very much.

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