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Detail Pool Progress w/ Pics

14 years ago

HURRAY!!! After lurking long and posting some, it's finally my turn. I couldn't have even

began this process without all of the wonderful information and pictures that I found on this forum. It was WAY too overwhelming. I found the post by tresw to be especially helpful. They did a great job of documenting the entire process. So...I am going to attempt to follow their example to benefit all the sequential analytics in the group like myself. If it's too many pics for some, maybe you can skim over a few. I just know that I wanted to see pictures of every step in the process. So, I hope some of you enjoy it. Also, PLEASE provide feedback for anything you see. I am certainly a novice at this, so if you see anything you think I should investigate or ask about, don't hesitate to let me know.


After paying off our house, we decided to live a little and finally do some landscaping around the yard. While spending a little time in the yard, trying to make some decisions about what to do with it, the thought occurred to build a pool. We tossed it around for several weeks before calling three pool companies to submit bids for the job. We have decided to complete the following projects, hopefully to be complete by July 4:

1. Pool

2. Outdoor Kitchen

3. Sprinkler System

4. Landscaping w/ sod (front and back)

5. Storage Building

6. New Fence

Pool Specs:

After much thought and several bids, we signed a contract with Pulliam Pools. Below are the pool statistics:

Pool Size: 20' X 38'

Pool Depth: 3.5' X 6'

Perimeter: 99'

Pool Area: 674 sq

Pump: 2HP 2 Speed

Pool Filter: 60 SQ FT DE

Pool Cleaner: Polaris 280

Main Drain: Dual

Skimmer: Two

Return Line: Four

Plaster: Blue Lagoon PebbleTec w/ Abalone Shell

Coping: Light Oklahoma

Decking: Washed Aggregate - 668 SQ FT

Love Seat: 6' X 18"

Light: 2 Jandy Color Lights

Aquapure Salt System

10'X 12" Raised Beam (Austin Nicotine Stone)

16' X 18" Raised Beam (Austin Nicotine Stone)

3 Waterports

4' X 8' X 6" Sunshelf

Turbo Twister Slide - Sandstone Right Turn

Kitchen Specs:

This is a picture of an outdoor kitchen that looks just like what I want. Mine will have rock columns instead of cedar and will face the pool long-ways.

Although I am not building in the grill, I am getting the KitchenAid beverage station with matching components like below:


Since the sewer line and underground electric line went right across my backyard, we had to have it relocated.

Day 1 (5/12/2008) - Excavation:

The excavation was a sight to behold. The huge machine they brought in made us feel like we were witnessing some prehistoric creature tear through our yard. Very thrilling.

Day 2 (5/13/2008) - Plumbing & Steel:

It was amazing to watch these guys work. They were obviously very skilled and experienced.

Day 3 (5/14/2008) - Electrician installs Copper Wire:

I'm not entirely sure what this step was for. I can only assume that this wire grounds all of the electric components to the pool so we don't all get electricuted. My guess.

Day 4 (5/15/2008) - City Inspection:

All I can say is - PASSED! I don't guess you want to see a picture of the green tag. ;-) Well, that brings us up to date. Tomorrow they are scheduled to gunite. VERY exciting day. I can't wait. Until then.....

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