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Need advice on Covered Patio

16 years ago

We extended our concrete patio (was 12x12) and now are ready for a covered patio. Our problem is that the roof line does not readily support a quick and easy covered patio, especially one that meets my long list of 'must haves'. My mom immediately suggested her beloved garden forum!

Here are the specs:

1) I am wanting one higher than the gutter, since our ceilings are low, and I don't want to feel claustrophobic outside. The goal is that we extend our living area during the summer, and perhaps the winter as well, as far as grilling, and our outdoor firepit.

2) My husband doesn't want to breech the integrity of our roof by nailing/screwing through the shingles

3) I don't want a 'hovering' cover, since we have several oaks, and I would like to avoid rain, leaves, and acorns from going under the cover. Which contradicts #2, unless I can find a way to do it, with some semblance of confidence.

4) We're on a limited budget, and hoping to do the majority of the work ourselves. (with dad's help!)

Any advice is more than welcome, and so far, we were hoping for beams perpendicular to the sliding glass door wall, and covering it with that partially transparent fiberglass stuff (?) for lack of a better word. We do have concrete supports poured under the patio, ready and waiting!

I've posted a photo on my blog, and if that doesn't work let me know, I will post one on the photo site that is linked to this one! Thank you so much in advance!

hopefully it works!

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