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How long before first Swim

11 years ago

My kids (and I'm really just a big kid) are super excited for our pool to get finished and start swimming.

The sales guy told us that the pool would be finished in mid-april unless there were big weather delays. The contract has a guaranteed completion date of May 7th (but the contract has no penalty for missing that date).

We are scheduled for Plaster tomorrow morning as long as it isn't raining. Right now the forecast has rain tomorrow afternoon evening.

It should take somewhere around 24 hours to fill it with the garden hose (13k gallons?)? Can the kids get in after it is full, or does it take a while to get everything chemically set up right?

We are ready to swim!

PS: We have been very happy with our pb and the quality of all work done. My only complaint has been with scheduling and the time-line.

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