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Thomspon Water Seal with tint

12 years ago

Last year I cleaned my deck with a bleach and a pressure washer, it is 20 years old - pressure treated wood. Never had anything done to it, but it great shape. Was adviced to use Thomspon Advance Water sealer with Oak tint. Finished it mid summer, beautiful, got so many compliments. Deck is on 3 levels, part shade part sun. Apply one level with sprayer, next level I brushed on, and the 3rd I sprayed then brushed. This spring, it is ruin, there are Pure white patch every way, and the white is shinning and looks like it is laminated. I call the Thompson company and send photos, they replied that they had never seen anything like this before, but would give me back my money, IF I had the empty containers and the recepts. (had neither- who would save the containers) It doesn't matter if the are in the sun or shade or how it was applied or how much traffic it gets, the white appeals everywhere.

I have been reading in Consumer Reports that Home Depot Behr is the BEST but after reading on here I don't know.

I am going to have to sand the entire deck off and it is huge. I am 63 female and single, so I don't want to do this but once. Any advice welcome.

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