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Ipe Deck and Cable Rail Inspiration & Advice

11 years ago

Hi, I'm new to this board and am very impressed by the incredible base of knowledge I've seen. We live in a contemporary California home and are replacing the decks this summer. From what I've read, Ipe is the way to go. We're then going with a cable rail system. Here are my questions:

1. FINISHING THE IPE. This one is for John Hyatt and anyone else who has had great results with putting a fabulous finish on their Ipe decks. John, the wet-on-wet approach you've written about, are the coats spaced days apart? Weeks apart? I got that one coat dries first, but please give me a ballpark to what you would consider an ideal situation for a novice in this land. Ideally would you go three coats for a new install?

2. PRODUCT. Is there a low-VOC version of the TWP 116? Or do you recommend the 116 hands down?

3. PRODUCT 2. Our neighbors have steps which they used SIKKENS on a few years ago. They still look like they were stained yesterday. Any thoughts on using SIKKENS? I know they coated all sides of the wood with the product before install. I mentioned this to my contractor and he wasn't so thrilled at the prospect. Any comments on the SIKKENS will help me stop envying those steps!

4. CABLE RAIL. Do any of you GWers have photos of your finished cable rail systems??? My questions are more related to the design. For a contemporary (not starkly modern) home, I'm at a quandry about what kind of posts to use. The contractor assumed Ipe. However, the photos I've seen of cable rail systems, those with wooden posts seem to look a bit more rustic...kind of more in line with a craftsman-type home. I was considering using Ipe on the corners, but black steel (?) for the long expanses. Of course, I would have Ipe for the toprail. Any design insights would be incredibly appreciated.

Many thanks. I so appreciate your help!!!!

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