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O/B - Got my buildin' permit and financin' - now final review!

16 years ago

Oh I do so hate to part with all that cash! But if I gotta spend it, would you care to lend your ear to help make sure that I'm spendin' it right.

Here's what I'm trying to do (except for the waterfall, which is gonna be much more elaborate I fear!):


Here's what the site looks like after I have spent the last month diggin' up and givin' away a 6 year old garden. Everything that is left is stayin'.


Here's a few pics of the rest of the property, so you can kind of get a feel of it. We're on pie shaped 3.5 acres in a rural small community (it's a cul-de sac lot). We have multiple gardens on about 1.5 acres of it, the rest is woods and a lovely creek. The pool would actually be on the side of the house as the boys don't want to disturb the football field in the back yard. Gotta love 'em! Actually, it will look much better from inside the house as the windows in the main living spaces face it. So, you win boys! The gardens loose!


This is what the dig specs show:

I've pushed the shallow end towards the deep end and added the concrete baja shelf (extra shallow end towards its right). I'm still within the specs of a Type III pool, and I've got the modified location for the baja spring diving board from the manufacturer (Inter-Fab) already.

Ok, up until now, I haven't actually ordered anything. But I need to order the pool kit ASAP so that I can get the dig specs modified and hopefully the diggers can still come next week.

Here's what worries me:

1. Baja shelf - constructed on site by me (yikes) out of concrete after I install the wall forms. They (National Pool Wholesalers) want me to either order the liner with the kit and I have to build the baja shelf exact (good luck with that one) or they give me a $500 credit and I order the liner after I create the shelf (I know that I'm gonna loose at least $1k this way)

2. Plumbing - I don't have a clue what size pipes I need. (The kit comes with 100' of 1 1/2 flex which hoping to use somewhere, but I'm sure just won't do it at all.) Planning on using Intelliflow 4x160 at max capacity to drive the waterfall (yes it's gonna be big). Also running solar on top of the cabanna (doesn't seem that hard). And a dedicated suction line for the pool vac. Can anyone point me to any reference material here? Charts/ Books/ Websites

3. Pump - I'm planning on using an Intelliflow 4x160. Which can't be ordered with the kit. Should I have them back out the Hayward 1.5 hp superpump (don't get much $), order it - then sale it on e-bay, upgrade it for better re-sale (they carry most Hayward and Pentair pumps, just not the Intelliflows) or upgrade to a whisper for the pool, and then use something else for the waterfall?

4. Liner - Don't want it to scream LINER POOL here so I'm leaning toward the grey color. I'm also gonna have the tile line removed and the steps are gonna be grey. Anybody have the Savannah reef liner or a guess as to what color the water would be with it?

1st choice:


or (as a last resort)


5. Lights - 2 Hayward LED - No matter where I put them, I'm gonna be looking into them at some angle. I think best case is 1 under the diving board (I will see this one at an angle from the house) and 1 in the shallow end near the steps (I will probably never look straight into this one.) Does anybody see any better positions?

Things that don't worry me:

The actuall plumbing/electrical/pool wall building/ pool coping/ patio/ cabanna build/ EasyTouch control panel/ fence/ diving board/

Not to say that we won't have any issues, just that we've done this type of work before, and it's not keepin' me awake at night!


Some of it is just our best guess, most is solid numbers. Any comments? Personally I think the diggers are robbin' me blind!!!

Cost Estimate for Pool $43,725.84

Description additonal details Supplier Estimate Additional

Initial Kit Quote #176088 NationalPoolWholesalers $9,475.00 $0.00

48" Polymer Walls(cantilever coping ) NationalPoolWholesalers included

Hayward Super Pump NationalPoolWholesalers included

Pentair Tagelus 600lb sand filter NationalPoolWholesalers included

Hayward ColorLogic LED 120v NationalPoolWholesalers included

remove tile line NationalPoolWholesalers $200.00

extra pool light / niche NationalPoolWholesalers $500.00

extra inlets NationalPoolWholesalers ?

dedicated suction line NationalPoolWholesalers $50.00

8' Diving Board board + stand 877.891.7665 $554.85 $530.00

Pool Art turtle pool art Leisure Living $89.00

Swim-up shelf concrete and forms $1,000.00

Coping stones 1 pallet Riverside Brick $325.00 $25.00

Pump Intelliflo 4x160 Best Buy Pool Supply $850.00

Control Panel Easy Touch IC Pool Supply World $1,300.00

Salt-water chlorinator Pool Supply World $0.00

Solar Covers (3) 18' round 16ml Leisure Living $290.00

Solar Heaters (5) 4'x20' panels Leisure Living $1,300.00 $16.99

Pool Cleaner Zodiac G4 Leisure Living $350.00

Fence (35) 8' picket fence sections Home Depot/Lowes $1,500.00

Gates 3 self - closing gates $150.00

Retaining Wall 65' of 2.5' wall block Home Depot + other $2,000.00

Safety Cover unknown $600.00

Patio Pavers 1000 sq ft Lowes $4,000.00

Clearing Trees $2,445.00

Pool Dig Tracy $5,875.00

Gravel $500.00

Backfilling $500.00

Water $1,000.00

Plumbing supplies $500.00

Electrical supplies $500.00

Concrete truck $1,500.00

Cabanna Lowes etc. $5,000.00

Rock Waterfall second concrete pad $300.00

sonotube piers 10*$20 Lowes $200.00

waterfall light $300.00

field stone for waterfall Mom & Dads just labor and gas

Things that I'm gonna wait to do until after I get water in the pool:

Finish the waterfall (going to a DIY seminar at the local pond/waterfall place this weekend for more definate ideas!)

Actually build the cabanna (Don't have the permit for it yet as the 20' beams have to be engineered, and I'm tired of holding the pool up for it!)

Drink some really toxic blue "Miami Iced Teas!" - no wait maybe I'll do that tonight!!!

If you want the truth, I haven't slept in about a week! My stomach is all twisted in knots. Sanity... I... need... sanity....


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