Poor Man's Flow Meter with VS-3050

12 years ago

I was going to post this in djensen's "Best way to chlorinate..." thread, but decided to create my own thread.

I think I figured a way to measure flow while having a VS-3050 installed. It all started months ago when I held one end of a noodle on a pool return, and held the other end so that 6-12" was sticking out of the water. Then I yelled to the wife that we now have a water feature. She thought I was silly. We both laughed.

Then I got to thinking... if you use the noodle technique and direct the pool return water into a bucket for some period of time, and then repeat for all other pool returns, you can compute the flow in GPM.

For those needing more info, I'll run an example assuming 4 pool returns and a 1 second time duration per pool return:

1. use a 5 gallon bucket, a 1 gallon container, and a 1 quart container (I plan on using an empty chlorine tablet container, an empty muriatic acid container)

2. for pool return #1, connect noodle end to pool return. Once all the air is removed from the noodle and water flows out the other noodle end, direct water stream into bucket for 1 second

3. Repeat #2 for the remaining 3 pool returns

4. GPS (gallons per second) is computed as gallons captured / 4 seconds. In this example, we'll assume we captured 2.75 gallons. GPS = 2.75 gallons / 4 seconds = 0.6875 GPS

5. GPM = GPS * 60 seconds = 0.6875 * 60 = 41.25

I'll try this later today. It's not perfect, but at least you'll have some way to gauge flow without have a flow meter installed. 1 second may not be long enough, so that can be adjusted as needed.


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