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details needed on how to attach baseboard moulding to toekick

12 years ago

Hi, I am about to embark on a mini-facelift for my 10 yr old cherry kitchen. I'm mostly going to achieve this through paint, but before I actually paint, I'd like to add baseboard moulding to my island for a furniture look. My question is, does anybody out there know EXACTLY how to do this? I've been all over the internet, but can't seem to find how to attach baseboard to the recessed toekick area. My guess is that I need some sort of wood block or backerboard to which I can nail the moulding, but that is all I can figure out. How do I attach the wood so that my baseboards will be flush to the cabinet doors? I am also planning on cutting out some bracket feet with a jigsaw for some of my perimeter cabinets, but am less worried about attaching those. I am planning to tackle this myself (I am mildly handy - have installed wire closet systems, mitered moulding to make a mirror frame behind my closet door, etc.). Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

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