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Paint for Kitchen and Family Room Driving me Crazy! Please Advise

11 years ago

Okay this is driving me crazy, I want a contemporary/modern look in my single family home, 9 or 10 foot ceilings one story. The trim and doors will be white. The major problem I'm having is that I want the whole main part of the house (not including bedrooms/baths) to be painted the same color for a proper flow. Worse case the whole house painted the same except for kitchen color.

Gray seems to a very modern/contemporary neutral and it would work fine, except not in the kitchen, due to light oak cabinets that I have. I tried SW "moderne white" next to the cabinets and a gray and both didn't work right. I don't really want a beige or yellow because thats not very contemporary. The floors are saturnia marble, and that kitchen island will be replaced.

Is there 1 color that would work next to those oak cabinets and throughout the house that would give it a modern vibe.

For example in terms of my furnitrue, I will be having a white modern couch, a chrome based and glass top dining table with white chairs lined in lots of whites and contemporary looking styles...

I can't find a type of color that will work!! Please help!!

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