They closed the Beaver Bridge today...

FlamingO in AR
14 years ago

for the 2nd time in 3 weeks. Last time it was because the ends of the bridge and the roads leading to it were under a few inches of water.

THIS week- it's 'cause the whole bridge is under water! This is an historic one-lane suspension bridge and I doubt if it'll reopen soon, there will be damage that will have to be fixed. Trees and propane tanks, etc, are smashing into the side of it. This is really bad for a lot of people, we'll have to go the really long way to get to shopping, parents, work, etc. I hope it's not closed for too long, but a couple of months wouldn't surprise me.

We are having the weirdest springs- 2 years ago we had really big, bad hail. Last year, a killer freeze and it ruined the crops of all the fruits, berries and nuts, not to mention killed all the new greenery in early spring. Now flooding. I guess our drought is over, do you think?

(That's me looking on the bright side, but I bet people with flooded houses aren't feeling too bright right now. They were up all night evacuating their homes. I really hope they have flood insurance.)

This is not good. The Army Corp of Engineers is letting out a ton of water and it's raising water levels all the way down the White River chain of lakes and dams and wreaking havoc. We've had a really wet spring and about twice our usual amount of rainfall. With our hills, it runs into the lake and fills it up dangerously high and they have to let some out. The gates are open 9.5 feet, the highest EVER.

This is upriver- the white thing is the top of a shed that was completely under water earlier.

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