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IPE deck with fencing

15 years ago


I've been reading through the forum for a few days, and gained GREAT information!! But, after reading, we still have a few questions, and I'd like to confirm what I think I understand (from a homeowner's perspective).

1. TWP 116 seems to be the sealer of choice. But, from what i've read in other places about IPE, only an oil should be needed, not a chemical sealer. We were trying to avoid using chemicals, so is it truly that much better?

2. We want to use vinyl fencing around the deck - we have a pool and need something high and semi-private. Our current choice is 3" vertical slats semi-privacy fence, maybe white frame with gray slats (our house is gray). Any advice here? We don't want diagonal lattice (or any lattice for that matter!), but are open to other suggestions. The fence needs to be 6' high.

3. Based on forum advice, we'll probably top-screw and plug. I've passed along much of your advice to our contractor (yes, we're not DIY at this time!). He mentioned a concealed fastener that was metal and if i understood correctly, you go through the joist and into the deck board to pull it down from the bottom. Has anyone used this type of fastener? He's open to doing it however we want it to be done.

I want to thank all of you for your excellent advice - it has certainly saved us time, and hopefully money in the long run :-). And the pictures are also excellent - especially the pics of the new IPE deck with a gray house. They helped us finalize our wood selection.

Have a great day - look forward to your responses.

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