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Charter cable... anyone having to pay for new boxes?

8 years ago

The days of sticking the cable directly into the back of the old TV will soon come to an end for Charter Communications� customers in the St. Louis area.

The company is converting to an all-digital system and eliminating "analog" cable TV service. People who don�t already have a set-top digital cable box, or a cable card system, for each TV will have to get one to continue getting Charter pay TV.

I just got the letter in the mail today. I don't mind paying for one box, but I have 2 other TV's that are rarely used (1 is in the basement and the other is a tiny TV in the bedroom). We seriously use each of the rarely used TVs maybe a average of twice a month... not really worth a extra $14. a month. The main TV gets used an average of about 3 hours per day. My DH rarely watches TV at all and we don't have kids at home. I've always thought cable was high anyway and now it is even worse. Right now we pay $79. a month for expanded basic.

Is anyone else dealing with this Charter change? Guess there's no way out of the extra charges if I want to use the extra TV's. :( My only other choices are Dish or DirectV.

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