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When and what to do with new mahogany deck

13 years ago

Help! We recently installed a new mahogany deck (probably about 1.5 months ago now) and builder has not sanded, stained, sealed or anything yet. Today someone told me that we had better do something soon - likened it to leaving a good piece of wood furniture sitting outside. I have several questions:

1) Should I really rush to get something done?

2) we like the reddish natural color of the wood. Does that mean we just seal it without staining? Or, what is the best way to preserve the color?

3) Is there something you can do to reduce splintering? My son and his friend just got splinters in feet.

4) Some birds pooped on the railing and it left stains. Can those be sanded out?

5) Builder left brochure for Cetol Dek finish. Is this a good product? I read that if you use it there are a lot of steps to follow, including powerwashing first.

What else do I need to know about this?