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I believe this is my final, final version

14 years ago

*cross fingers*

I may change the DW to the right of the sink and put the pantry next to the fridge or I may skip the pantry and use that 15 inches as a recycling pull-out instead. We just installed the cabinets in the eating area and, in addition to adding overall storage, those will house the microwave and counter appliances while we DIY the rest. If they continue to work out there, thatÂs where theyÂll stay permanently.

Instead of a 36" drawer unit, I used two 18" doored cabinets on the peninsula because the sink and trash will both have doors so I thought it would look better. I plan to put odds and ends tall appliances in there. The main reason for splitting it into 2 cabinets is we are using Ikea cabinets and my husband is concerned that a large one will not be as stable. The range has 24" on either side and that's a 30" set of drawers next to the sink.

Do you notice any glaring problems besides traffic flow behind the sink? I donÂt see that being as much of an issue as the traffic around the peninsula and thatÂs why I wanted the DW and pantry to the left.

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