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anyone ever get soap stone from HD??

14 years ago

we are nearing the end of our project (just waiting on that pesky cabinet delivery) and have just ordered our soap stone from HD.

i went with HD for a few reasons:

first was that the sample they had in the store had great yellow veins that would be perfect with our floor (our floor is a yellowish travertine tile).

second was that i thought HD would be really cheap - but after reading the string on soap stone bids, maybe $88/sf installed in not so great.

third was that since we are at the end of a large project, the credit card with no interest and no payments for 1 year seemed to solve the cash crunch problem.

please help, should i keep looking (garden state and Texx something)?? are there really any slabs out there with the beautiful yellow veins i need??? is the sample in HD just for the bait and switch??

i've heard that when you go to see the slabs at innovative stone, (the HD supplier) you must pick from the 4 or 6 that are there. has anyone done this??

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