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help please re: bedding in DD's room (pic)

12 years ago


Ok, here is our 11 year old DD's room. It is painted a deep red (looks a little brighter in this pic due to the flash) and her floors are a bamboo ("sambuca" colored, from the TY Pennington collection...big mistake, IMHO as it not only shows dust and hair, but also smudges...hence the area rug.)

We did not really think the rug through when we bought it. It is an "off white"...almost beige, with some black and some red. Due to this off white color, we don't feel it looks right to have anything white in the room.

The bed is a cool platform bed, and you can see it has an adjustable red side table that can move around the bed. The head board is actually 2 separate pieces that can also be moved around and used at backrests. The bed is a very dark brown.

Obviously we are not keeping the Ed Hardy duvet. Originally, my DH painted this room an awful bright blue, so I bought this comforter to match that (the comforter has some splashes of blue in it, as well as an orange koi fish) just to make myself TRY to like the awful blue color. I never did, so he was sweet enough to repaint the color DD and I originally Sidenote: he was against DD having a red room, said it was too "adult." I disagree.

Anyway, am I doomed to have only a plain (solid) comforter/duvet on this bed? Can I have a print, or will it be too busy with the rug? Please share your ideas/suggestions! Thanks!

Here is a link that might be useful: {{!gwi}}

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