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The only Frank Lloyd Wright in Delaware

11 years ago

The only house Wright built in Delaware is for sale. The Dudley Spencer house is supposedly on the market for the first time since it was built, in 1956. Pictures from PruFoxRoach, Trend.

As a critique, I would say there is some indication that this was designed by someone approaching 90 years of age. If you analyze it as a piece of modernism, it is a bit "old fashioned" for 1956. There are a lot of elements here that reference Fallingwater (1935), and even, to some extent The Robie House (1910). Typical of Wright, even the interiors are heavily controlled, and it is furnished mostly with custom Wright or what appears to be Wright through Henredon. The white sofas, which are a late replacement look typically lousy and displaced in a Wright interior.

Also notice the typical "compression" of areas like the bedrooms...those are low ceiling heights. They don't show the kitchens and baths, which means they could be original (and tiny). There is no such thing as redecorating a house like this (exclusive of new upholstery), Wright has dictated exactly how you will live in it.

It's not all that expensive, but these houses require a LOT of upkeep.

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