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Does Intelliflo 011012 Make Sense For Me?

14 years ago

I'd appreciate some knowledgeable advice from repair guy or anyone else familiar with Intelliflo.

I'm a new pool owner, pool completed last July and still learning. Pool info as follows:

* 45 x 20 Double Roman-End sport pool, approximately 22,500 gallons with a 500 gallon spill-over spa emptying into it.

* Jacuzzi Mag Force 1.5 hp pump for filtering

* Champs 130 (3 hp?) pump for spa jets

* Sand filter

* High efficiency gas heater

* 2" pipe

Electricity bills for the pool ran an estimated $80-$100/mo. last summer at a local rate of only about .06/kwh...lower than many of the rates I see mentioned in this forum. The pump ran 24/7 at my builder's suggestion- he said it wouldn't cost much to run and would help prevent algae problems. Our pool season here in Indiana will be about 5 months without extensive use of the gas heater, though I may elect to keep the spa open year-round this year.

I'm interested in Intelliflo as a way to potentially decrease the electrical cost of running the pool. My builder (20ish years in business) didn't seem to be familiar with Intelliflo and said that I don't need it...that we could just put a time clock on the existing pump and run it less. Though he said that the pump he installed is very good (and I have no reason to doubt the brand name), I never got the sense that he crunched any numbers to size it for my pool- particularly since it wasn't the originally-spec'd pump and my pool size ended up larger than planned (another story I won't get into here).

I have three questions:

1. I've read that turning over the water once a day is sufficient. If that's true, I would expect that I could do that fairly easily by installing the timer and filtering around 8 hours/day with the current eqpt.- cutting last year's monthly electricity bill by about two-thirds. That said, I know from reading these posts that the Intelliflo would do better by virtue of the more-efficient motor and variable speeds. I've done my own calculations from info found on pool sites, as well as on the Pentair calculator, and they don't agree. What would you anticipate my monthly savings to be comparing the same number of turns? (I'm obviously calculating my break-even on the more-expensive pump, which it appers can be purchased around $1200).

2. I typically set up the valves so that filtered water is returned to the pool via the spill-over spa (2 foot drop), giving me a small, but appealing water effect. When using the spa, I just kick on the 3hp booster pump, or if heating the spa, change the valve settings to recirculate water in the spa only, and hit the booster pump. Since the Intelliflo has multiple settings (and is rated up to 6 hp?) could I get rid of the booster pump and use the Intelliflo to power the spa jets while still filtering? If not, could the Intelliflo power the jets if I wasn't filtering (we're only in the spa an hour or two at a time a few evenings a week and I could schedule the filtering for overnight or work hours).

3. Any problem programming the Intelliflo to to run a Kreepy Krauly?

Great forum, and I look forward to advice from someone who's been around this longer than me.

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