Paint my piano black, am I crazy??

Karen Marcely
10 years ago

This idea struck me yesterday and I first thought are you crazy, then started researching into it.

Below is my 24 year old piano. We bought it when our daughter was 6, a musical talent and on her way to be a concert pianist someday... well you know how that goes. Now she lives 2 states away and has no room in her house for it. Claims she would like someday, so my husband will not get rid of it unless it goes to her. So meanwhile I'm stuck with it. No place other than my living room for it.

I have posted a few times with this picture for different reasons, i.e. re-arranging furniture, fabric advise, etc. When looking at this photo, please visualize that the furniture is being replaced, new sofa and 2 accents chairs, hardwood floors are being installed, coffee table going, and on a wall to right see there is a console black table with photos on the wall - going up my stairs with black frames. Also, my handrails and posts have been painted black.

So my thought is that I would like to paint my piano a satin black. Visited local piano store who told me due to the fact the piano has not been used and tuned in several years is not really worth much. Also, due to the increased popularity of digital pianos, pretty much the only wooden pianos that have alot of value are grand pianos. So much for our valuable family heirloom! He also said that painting it would not affect the tones. He showed me the pieces that come apart and how to take them apart. It would be a time consuming job, but I feel I can handle it.

I have been advised from this site to move my piano against the wall where my sofa currently is and put sofa against window. That idea is much more appealing to me with the piano being black.

My question to you all is what do you think as far as a design idea??


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