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Need new pump/filter for 22,000 gallon gunite pool

10 years ago

Our pool was built in 1971. We need a new pump/filter. The old pump got a hole in the casing. The motor still works, but we are looking for something that will save us on operating costs. We currently have a 1.5hp. Our energy costs are around 12 cents/kwh. We also have the original fiberglass, tall filter with pleated cartridge. We aren't sure what size filter to purchase. Everything has 1.5" connections now.

We have been quoted $1400 for a hayward variable flow pump, $500 for a pleated or hayward sand filter, and a salt water system was suggested for around $600 or a clorine tablet attachment for $100. Labor is $80 an hour. This all comes to more than the cost to build the pool in 1971 :) Times have changed!

I am clueless about the best system that will have the lowest operating costs. Any advice?

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