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What ''specialty'' rooms do you wish you had?

14 years ago

Even though our house is pretty large, there are lots of rooms we don't have. We have bedrooms, bathrooms, a great room, and a partially finished basement. But that's it.

I really would like to have a mudroom or foyer. Our front door opens into a long, 4-foot-wide hallway (with six doors along it!). Not the best situation to greet guests! I long for a foyer!

I also wish I had a butler's pantry. Our kitchen is just a corner of the great room, with an island. Not nearly enough storage for all my dishes, not to mention food. My pantry is tiny, so I have to store things in cabinets in a nearby room.

Speaking of the "nearby" room---we have never been able to figure out exactly what this room's purpose is/was. The room is about 9x14 and is between the front door and the master bedroom, along the long hallway mentioned above. It has built-in cabinets along two walls, carpeting, and two double windows. We're currently using it just for storage (dog food, office supplies, pantry items, dishes). We call it the "office" for lack of a better word. I may move my computer to that room soon. And, we're going to knock out the wall that adjoins the master bath so we can enlarge the bath a little bit.

I'd also like to have a library. Not that we have a lot of books--we have fewer than many people do. I'd just like to have a separate room to read. And I'd like being able to say I have a library. :-)

And, while I'm at it, I also wish I had:

a formal dining room

a sun room

a wine cellar

a large laundry room

a sewing/crafts room

a dressing room

And you?

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