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Suggestions recommended on pavers for back patio

9 years ago

Hi everyone,

I'm new here and I was hoping everyone could give me some thoughts on my back patio.

I'm getting ready to do a patio floor. I think I've decided to go with brick pavers. There are a number of reasons I am leaning towards pavers. I like the durability and I read that pavers don't crack like typical cement slab floors. I do like the look of pavers too, but one option that is making me lean towards pavers is lighted pavers.

I've done a few searches on different lighted pavers. I think I've decided on Lumastones. Their pavers, according to their website, look like pavers during the day and light up at night. It's a cool concept.

What I was wondering is if ANYONE has had experience with Lumastones and/or their lighted pavers? I've noticed that many of their pictures on their website are photo shopped. Before I run out and spend over $500 I am hoping someone could give me some input in all of this.

The work is going to start sometime in May so I'd like to get all the information I can.

Any and all recommendations are welcome.

Thank you in advance.


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