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May I ask a 'Fence' question here?

15 years ago

I've checked all the forums in both the "Home" and "Garden" section of Gardenweb and can't find a "Fence" forum so assume this might be the closest I can get : )

I installed a cedar panel fence around my house last Fall. I was told NOT to seal it immediately but to instead let it dry out for several months to a year.

It is now Spring and I want to protect it but don't know how.

1. I do NOT want it to turn silvery gray. But over the winter it's already dulled in color. Question - is there a way to revive it back to it's original color before I seal? Any advice will be appreciated.

2. Any suggestions for products to use for sealing/protection? My purpose in sealing is to protect the fence and to help keep it from turning gray.

Thanks in advance for any advice!


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