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Need advice on paint and plants for ranch home in IL...

12 years ago

Well, I have a property that is just lovely to be honest. There is natural woodland, a pond, and a long driveway which sets the house far back enough from the street that you can't see it. All of this is amidst a smallish town that has gone towards cookie-cutter subdivisions. I would truly like to make my home feel more like the little oasis, the little set-back 'relaxation destination' that the property suggests.

However, the outside of the home hasn't been updated or maintained very much since the house was built. The siding, gutters, and roof are all a dull, dark brown, and the overgrown plants near the house are dark green evergreen trees and shrubs - none of which exudes a warm and welcoming feeling. I would really like to repaint my house with something that will give it a bit more of a personality and at the same time something which hearkens back to either a country or cottage feel. The plants have to go as well. They have become much more of an overgrown burden on the facade of the house than a decorative plant they were intended to be. I would really like to use native plants for this, something which will do well in this Chicagoland weather, and something which requires very little maintenance without getting too overgrown.

I have included some pictures below for clarification. Ideas, comments, suggestions or otherwise are all welcomed with an open mind :) After tearing out the existing plants, the house will be a blank slate for paint and new plants, so please feel free to get as detailed as you'd like with your suggestions. Thank you all in advance, and I look forward to hearing some great ideas for my home!

- Woody

Note: The window trim isn't white, it's actually almond - a tan-ish off-white.


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