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Need advice for deck material for dogs

Lynne Reno
10 years ago

My dogs (two big labradoodles) spend a lot of time on our deck, it's the only place they have to run around, so they use it to play on and to potty. our deck is appx 40' x 30' and it's either cedar or redwood (sorry, not sure which) and is about 25 years old. At one time it was stained with Cabot solid stain but that didn't work because we have to shovel snow off in the winter which caused the stain to chip and peel.

Because of the dogs, we will never have a beautiful deck, I get that; but I want something that won't look as bad as what we have now and is easy to clean, and not terribly expensive. The deck is about 6'-10' off the ground, is NW facing in Reno NV and besides wear and tear from the dogs is subject to hot summers and cold winters.

Would composite be our best bet, or should we look for pressure treated wood? I can't see spending the money for IPE since the dogs will probably mess up anything we get and that's a fair investment just to have it ruined.

I went to Lowe's and Home Depot (they ran all the local lumber yards out of town) and they said they don't have pressure treated wood for deck surfaces so maybe I used the wrong terminology?

Any ideas would be appreciated. I'm even considering flipping the deck boards over and re-using those that aren't too bad, would that be a stupid idea?

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