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cedar fence posts in concrete

11 years ago


I know this isn't a fence forum but thought some of you might have a perspective on my question.

I am planning to install a cedar fence and us cedar fence posts. We can some pretty high winds around here and I am planning for a 6ft fence so would like have the extra added strength of the concrete.. I know that idea is sort of frowned upon because of concerns about rotting out. But I got to thinking why can't I just one of the PVC sleeves that are normally meant to go on top of a post on a deck.. but instead put the sleeve around the part of the post that goes into the concrete. I think did some searching around and found 2 companies that basically sell PVC sleeves that are meant to go into the concrete and you just drop your post in them after they are set.. I think one of the them is call post shield

I can't figure what the difference is between the ones meant for above the deck vs. the PVC sleeve for above. I can get a 100in PVC sleeve at Lowes for $25 which would be pretty much the same price as the two post shield sleeves I would need per post.

The plan would be for 4in of gravel at the bottom them post sleeve drop in place then concrete around sleeve..

I have read everything from just dont use cedar, to use cedar but don't set in concrete, to use PT below ground and cedar above, or metal posts, or treat the cedar in copper green, to wrap in in copper at ground level, to wrap it with tyvek tape... but I haven't heard anyone recommend to use this sleeve idea..

anyway.. am i crazy or would this work..

sorry for the long post.. thanks for any thoughts/ideas

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