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Planning PEX Pipe/Manifold

11 years ago

Hi all,

I'm looking for some advise on planning my PEX project. I am planning to use a home-run system with copper manifolds (1/2", 12 cold, 6 hot)).

I figure that I'll buy the copper manifolds with the 3/4" inlet. However, the main water line to my house was replaced last year with 1" PEX coming into the house. From there everything is galvanized that I'll be replacing with PEX.

Is it okay to continue the 1" PEX pipe all the way to the hot water heater, then split the 1" into a 3/4" to the water heater and 3/4" to the cold PEX manifold, then run the hot water heater 3/4" over to the hot PEX manifold? (so basically, is it a bad idea to split the supply line before it gets to the manifold, even if it's a 1" line?)

We are in a 1,000 sqft house with 2 bathrooms. Is it overkill for me to run 1" pipe at all? Would a 3/4" main line that then splits to the hot water heater and cold manifold work out just fine?

Thanks for your advice as I start my PEX project. I am looking forward to getting started.


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