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Need Screened Porch advice

17 years ago

I posted this on remodeling but got no responses, so I am trying here. I am dying for a screened in porch if we can afford one. In fact the ability to put on an affordable screened in porch is imperative for me to stay in this house (There are a lot of things I need to change about the house and it all adds up... at a certain point perhaps the cost and trouble makes staying too expensive). We bought this house for the lake view and wooded location, but mosquitoes make being outside unbeable 6 months of the year

Problem: We can't figure out a good place for a screened in porch that wouldn't be really expensive. Pictures 7-9 show where we would like a porch-- on the back of the house. However, if we put it where the current deck is, we would lose a lot of light. We live in the woods and the only light room is the sunroom. Furthermore, we aren't sure how expensive it would be to make work with the current roof-line. Option two, my favorite, would be beside the sunroom, but that would require moving utilities I think. Wouldn't that be also really expensive? Option three, is the spot beside that, picture 9. We think that require moving an Heating/AC unit and possibly make crawl space access more difficult. The AC unit is for only the room in picture 9. We also considered putting the porch beside the living room seen in picture 10. The financial problem there is that the interior wall is all brick with a brick hearth extending from window to window.

So we are trying to get an idea of the most logical place to put the porch before we move forward on ideas. I want to have a better idea what we are going for and what our options are before I call in people for estimates. Being prepared makes everyones job go better

I would be most grateful for any input.


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