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Need advice on a roof-deck surface

16 years ago

I have a townhouse with a 4th-story roof deck (about 13' by 16') that currently consists of a flat roof surface with aging wood decking built atop it. The roofing, which may be 25 years old, has developed a leak, so the decking has to be removed and the flat roof surface replaced.

My roofer, understandably, thinks putting new decking atop a flat roof is asking for trouble, and some of my neighbors with similar units just have outdoor carpeting up there. I think that stuff is generally pretty ugly, and probably needs frequent replacement, but I'm not sure what alternatives I have that would be easy to put down and easy to remove if need be (and not present a weight issues). The deck gets pretty intense sun and some degree of wind. Any suggestions? And if I go with outdoor carpeting, any recommendations for what to look out for?


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