Auto Flushing Faucet Mounted Filters

12 years ago

Tell Your Water filter company you want Auto Flush Technology. "They are not taking every measure to protect your health!

Proctor and Gamble = or go to Clorox or any filter makers and send them a customer service email.


Also since the Process of Flushing can easily be adapted for use in faucet mounted water filters to flush out water filters it could save people the effort of doing it manually, which means they could forget and waste water when they have to throw out a glass of water with black filter particles in it as they forgot to flush it, So let us take that small worry out and ask your water filter companies to add our patent pending process, "Tell them we want water filters with Auto Flush Technology:)" I know I would appreciate that and your support in getting the word out! A simple task of programming a control board to operate inlet and outlet valves to create a flushing process is a small endeavour for them to take on to look out for your health. The flushing process can begin in any manner of ways as it is a programmable controller and the flushing can be activated by setting a timed flushing alert or just by flipping on the filter switch or by just activating your water faucet.

The water Filter makers claim that the black particulates that can end up in your drinking glass are 100% harmless, but should you really believe that? If the filters capture harmful bacteria and contaminates.......What does that mean? I don't want to drink residue from a dirty filter...."Please don't forget to manually Flush you water filter." Send them patent pending #11/875,356 to read it describes the process of flushing....

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