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Any alternative to Lazy Susans in a 36in corner base cabinet?

14 years ago


Have to say seeing Mysterymachine's wonderful kitchen has sort of got me enthused again over trying to get ours finished. Nine going on ten months to do this #*!!friggin kitchen has worn me down...

Quick synopsis - Our KG was going to build us a Super Susan in the 36" base cabinet that arrived with no innards. However, the quality of his work leaves much to be desired, and after we had to refuse acceptance of the OTF cabinet he'd made to replace the too shallow one that arrived with our original order, company agreed to hire a carpenter to fix all the omissions/errors with our cabinets. That's fine for the other problems, only this carpenter doesn't make super/lazy susans, and so we're back to square one.

I have attached a picture of the cabinet and the contents. I am storing the bigger appliances in there, and am thinking I might put 12" (?) shelves around the 3 sides high enough to clear the bread maker.

Everything is pretty accessible now, and I'm worried that if I DO put in a super susan, the bread maker might not fit, and that I would actually lose space on the bottom (pretty well full now). Not quite sure what I'd put on shelves- maybe my flower arranging stuff- oasis/vases/frogs/marbles, etc. If I just put in a top level Susan and left the bottom as is, I think I would limit accessibility to the items on the bottom. I do have another lazy susan in the other corner.

If anyone has pictures of how they've arranged their corner cabinets OTHER than with a Susan, I would love to see or hear about it.

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