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RO system questions

10 years ago


I currently am using a Watts Premier undersink RO system (the model Costco carries) to filter out the slight off-taste and chlorine from our municipal water, which is very soft.

Although the filtered water taste is excellent, I am very unhappy with this system. The faucet leaks like crazy (through the breathing hole in the back) and the filters apparently last only one to two months, which makes the whole thing quite expensive to maintain.

What baffles me is why the filters would get clogged with such a soft input water. The company's CS is close to useless for troubleshooting and I am ready to ditch it for something different.

Now, there is this company named "The Perfect Water", who sells a system they claim will require once-a-year filter replacement, slightly increase the pH of the filtered water and even provide a built-in passive pump to increase the input water pressure (maybe my tap water pressure is a little on the low side?). Has anyone heard of them and would like to share some thoughts about?

What other mid-level RO systems should I be looking at for an undersink filtration system?

Here is a link that might be useful: Perfect Water RO system

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