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Ipe deck thoughts

15 years ago

Here are my thoughts on Ipe. I installed an ipe deck two years ago and love it. But keep in mind, because of the density of the wood, it really has trouble accepting finish. I used Penofin. I figure that i will have to re-coat early spring and late fall for the rest of my life. It is a pretty quick process. Apply finish to a clean surface. Then wipe off excess. I can do my 12 x 16 deck in about 2 hours.

A couple of installing tips: I used ipe clips. Make sure that you glue down every contact point with the joists. I used Sikaflex. Make sure that all boards are cupped with the crown side up. Use the wax on all end cuts. I also had to use stainless screws, pre drilled to keep the warped wood strait. I made some really long bar clamps out of pipe to reach across the deck. Needless to say it took me a long time to install. But it is a beautiful deck and has the look of nice interior floor. I would say that the time to install would be at least three times as long as a conventional wood deck.

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