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Planting a rooftop deck

17 years ago

This question really belongs in a gardening forum but I didn't see where else to put it. We're going to be adding a rooftop deck to our rowhouse as part of a larger renovation project and I'm just wondering what kinds of plants other people are growing. The deck will have a full southern exposure with no shade so it will be a tough spot for plants--they will have to endure brutal sun and heat as well as wind. The plants will have to stay out year-round so they must be either annuals, or perennials or shrubs that can tolerate freezing. I would like to have at least one or two moderately large plants, preferably evergreen, to provide some privacy. I'm thinking about using bamboo and smaller ornamental grasses in containers, but would like to keep it relatively low-maintenance. I haven't decided whether to add an automatic watering system, but will have a spigot to provide water.

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