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help me winterize my sprinkler system

14 years ago

I just bought a house that has an automatic sprinkler system. I need to winterize it and have drained the water from the pipes near the pressure Vacuum Breaker.

I have a compressor to blow out the lines but I can't find where to attach the air hose. There's no attachments near the PVB before the line goes into the ground. I asked my neighbor where the air hose attaches and he said to just attach it to the top test cock on the PVB, however, I've been reading on the internet not to do this.

I don't see anywhere in the manifold to connect an air hose and I've walked around the house looking for any kind of connection to the sprinkler system but have found none.

Can I attach the air hose to the top test cock? I see no other connections and no other way.

Thanks for you help.

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