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Mixing valve problems

13 years ago

I replaced some broken plastic parts in the handle/control of a shower stall. The mechanism is the "normal", the valve is pulled out to turn the water on and control the volume per minute. One rotates the valve to regulate the temperature.

After replacing the broken parts in the handle - the valve was not pulled - all seemed well on first test. But, on the use test it turns out the temperature varies, with the valve set on maximum temperature one can fell the temperature drift quickly toward cool.

Is this a usual failure signal for the mixing valve, or is it possible to somehow screw up working on the handle that will cause this type problem? I did have to remove the main hold down nut, a 22mm size socket, to get all the handle parts off, but I did not remove the mixing valve.... I could have, however, rotated it, could that cause problems? The handle restricts the valve to one of two position - 180 degrees apart. It now seems to me that could be the problem if that can cause the symptom.

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