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Stain/Finish for Screen Porch: Ipe and Cedar

16 years ago

Hi All,

We are adding a screen porch to our house. It will have an Ipe floor with cedar posts. The ceiling and a wall on the side of the house where the porch attaches will be T&G cedar.

Our contractor is using ATO as a finish for the Ipe; however, we are undecided as to what to use on the cedar. I like the look of it now (unfinished) but know that, if untreated, it will likely go grey/silver. The porch is on the north side of the house and will not received direct sunlight, but we are in Wisconsin, and the snow will reflect UV light into the porch during winter.

So, my question is: what shall I use to protect the wood that will not change the original color too much? Or should I just be resigned to the fact that it will be stained darker? As with most people, I'd like to keep maintenance to a minimum!

Any ideas appreciated!

-- Jan

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