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Glass Roof for Sunroom - Good or Bad Idea?

15 years ago

We are thinking of building a sunroom off our MBR. When you walk out of our MBR into the sunroom we will have a door on the righ that will lead to an open deck and 10' away from the door is the entrance to our Great room. Due to my roof system attaching the sunroom off the MBR is easier, less costly and will look better than attaching it to the french doors off the great room

We are deciding on materials. Four Seasons has the nice glass roof systems but since it is winter here in VA we can't tell how much heat these will build up in the dead of summer. not to mention our sunroom will face south and get full sun all day long. No shade trees either. Sunroom roof was going to be 12' x 16'. Cathedral ceiling. Are glass roofs a bad idea and if so why? Too hot? Too cold? Too hard to clean? My room will be 16'x16' but we were going to build the cathedral out about 4' off the existing roof and then add the glass for the remainder of the 12'.

Four seasons has given us options for the 12'x16', do 1/2 in glass and the other side of the cathedral in standard shingle or I could downsize the glass further to say 10' or 8' x16'. Would glass on both roofs be better or better looking I should say than glass on just one side of the roof system? Thanks for the input. We will have a ductless system in the sunroom as well to make it 4 season.

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