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Advice for buying a house with the need for a kitchen remodel

10 years ago

Hi all,

My husband and I are just starting the search for our "forever home" and in the area we are looking, a kitchen remodel is very likely going to be necessary (most homes built in 1910s and 20s and in our budget, the kitchens have not been updated since the 60s/70s). Given we have the time and money now, our plan is to buy something requiring a bit of work and not move in until at least the major pieces (flooring, kitchen, anything structural) are complete.

I am quite flexible in terms of what I want in our new-to-us home in terms of overall layout, bathrooms, etc. But I really am focused on a beautiful kitchen - great cabinets, stone counters, nice appliances and a big old island. I love to cook and want something that is both functional for preparing big meals and also conducive to gathering as a family and with friends. I have loved browsing this forum for great kitchen eye candy, and so thought you all might be helpful in identifying things we should be keeping in mind.

Wondered if those who have undergone remodels have pointers for things to consider in our home search. Would you recommend we find a contractor/designer before we purchase a house? For those who went this route, what kinds of things were you looking for when you house searched? What surprised you once you moved in, that you wish you would have considered in advance of buying.

Thanks so much!

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