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TV - in basement? family room?

15 years ago

Hi - my husband (like many, I'm sure) has the whole "tv experience" which results in large speakers, amps, woofers, and a huge, 52" tv (not a flat one that will go on the wall) and there is NO chance any of it is changing (oh, how I've tried).

The problem is, our family room (open to the kitchen) is small but has the most beautiful floor-to-ceiling fireplace and a huge patio door facing south. The TV takes up an entire wall (the only one in the room - the other 2 have the fireplace and the sliding door). It looks hideous. It also completely limits furniture placement - I have 2 loveseats, one of which is in front of the tv. I would love to have 2 loveseats and a rocker, which I could have if we "lost" the tv...

We can put the TV down the basement, but it's generally unfinished, and although I could make it cozy in the short term, it's just not as nice as watching tv upstairs.

But, it is really nice to have this room for reading, games, etc (we have 2 small boys - 1 and 3 yrs.)

The TV is only watched as a whole "experience" maybe 1-2 hours per week. The rest of the time a little tv would be just fine.

Can you guys please help?

I appreciate that he wants his huge tv up here, but this is just the nicest room and so, so cozy - and the TV ruins it...

Any advice on how to cozy up a basement with unfinished walls and open ceilings? Finishing it is not in the cards for the next few years (doing a HUGE kitchen reno right now)

thanks everyone,


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