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General questions I can't find answers too - help?

14 years ago

I've have some lingering questions that I haven't been able to get answers too. Hopefully someone here has some input they would be willing to offer. By the way I have a recent post of my site plan in case you need to see it.

1. I live in Central Calif where temps get up to 105-108 during the summer. My site plan has a lot of concrete, a friend mentioned that I might get excessive heat release in the concrete due to its size. My back yard is a northern exposure so it gets some shade, does anyone have any regrets with heat issue and concrete?

2. I've maxed out my concrete area and sacrified some of the planter widths, friends are commenting that the planters are too small, it seems that if you had some areas with 3' in width and a couple areas less than this (say 15" or so) you could still plant some trees? A lot of people say on this forum that you always wish you had more decking, is there such a saying for the landscaping?

3. When you want to skirt a raised bond beam with a stacked stone is it necessary to offset the bond beam outward to create a ledge for the stack stone to sit upon. My concern is that the stone is 2-3" thick and it would look weird sticking out past the water tile, it seems like the water tile and stone should be within a 1/2" of each other. Has anyone ever done it this way?

4. Location of skimmers - I think they should go in the dead spots on the pool so as to create a suction to avoid debris building up in the dead spot, a friend stated that placing them in the dead spot limits the action between the skimmer and return lines to circulate the water? Who's right?

5. When you have a raised planters next to (and tangent) to the bond beam is it better to make the planter out of gunite or masonry block? Seems like there are pros and cons to both.

6. Does anyone have a spreadsheet of costs that they tracked for their DIY pool build that they would be willing to share (or at least a picture of it)? I have a budget but its since to plug in numbers for all the various trades, equipment, etc. to make sure I'm on track before I start; I just don't want to forget anything.

Thanks everyone.

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