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KD changed sink mfg after contract signed

11 years ago

Can someone please tell me if my KD is trying to pull a fast one on me? Getting some cabinets, granite and new sink and faucet. KD originally told me I was getting a Sonetto S173U sink. He picked it out, I checked out the measurements and it was fine. Contract drawn up, 1/2 of money exchanged hands and then things started changing. Some of which I think were for the best. But it seems every time I agree to something that HE suggests, then he changes it to something else. I'm wondering if it's $$ or a powerplay?!!

The sink he now says will be installed is made by Sink of America 503AL. I could find Sonetto sinks for sale on the internet, can't find anything on Sink of America except that it's Chinese and perhaps the Sonetto was also. The specs, measurements, gauge, etc are all enough the same to me, but I would assume this is now a cheaper sink, or else why would he change to a diff mfg when all appears on the surface to be identical?

Somebody please pull me off the ceiling!

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